Cyberperx is an online digital store focused on providing and developing digital learning kits. Wherein this digital learning kits are instructional ebooks / do-it-yourself walkthroughs packaged with 3D STL Files and codes, that will be used and will instruct you on how to build your selected featured device or project.

This digital learning kits usually are "how to do" informations / instructions, involving a combination of technologies like 3D Printing, Android, Bluetooth, Arduino, Processing, Robotics. 

Since digital content are already provided, the customer that purchased the product is able to manufacture and build the products endlessly when bought. It can also be used for STEM education, for reference and templates for prototyping and product developments, and also can be used as collectibles or toys when built. It can be relayed to anyone willing to learn, build and innovate.

Although instructions, 3D parts and codes are already given in the package, one of the aims of this products, is for users to be able to build everything from scratch. Wherein they would be able to experience how to manufacture parts, purchase parts, upload and install codes, and assemble the product, that usually happen in productions.

And for more advanced users, the product is open source, wherein 3D parts and codes can be modified in such a way the user can innovate, change, or improve the product, that is only limited to the user's imagination, that usually happen in research and development. 

Also, one of the aims of these products, is to inspire innovation and creativity, and to motivate interest in science and technology.

Cyberperx's products, when supported, will gradually increase and improve its products.



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