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Building Blocks of Robotics - How Robots are Created (FREE EBook)

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Digital Learning Kits

These are instructional ebooks / do-it-yourself walkthroughs packaged with 3D STL Files and codes, that will be used and will instruct you on how to build your selected featured device or project.

These packages can be used for STEM education, reference and templates for prototyping and product developments, and also can be used as collectibles or toys when built.

These packages usually are how to do informations, involving a combination of technologies like 3D Printing, Android, Bluetooth, Arduino, Processing, Robotics and etc. 

To inspire innovation and creativity. To motivate interest in science and technology.

Digital Learning Kits

Don't have a 3D Printer?

Although creating the featured products may require a 3D printer, not all of us have this equipment readily available.

However, you still have an option to manufacture parts with a 3D Printing Service Provider. 

These days you don't have to buy a 3D printer if you are not willing to. You can easily use services like 3dhubs.com.

Download your own Cyberperx product and start experiencing manufacturing parts.

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